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If the political party governments or banks have harmed you or your family in any way that is not allowed under English Common Law and our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, this is where you can upload your Statement of Claim to a Grand Jury or Common Law Court.

Upload Statement of Claim
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A Statement of Claim is more than an affidavit as used in the court system owned and run as a business by the political party corporate system.

A Statement of Claim lays out what your grievance is, who you’re accusing and what remedy you want in an English Common Law Court. It’s as if you had to summarize an argument before a judge or jury in the courts owned by the political parties, but designed to be presented to a Common Law Court or Grand Jury instead.

The Common Law Court UK & International provides examples of Statements of Claim submitted to the court. You can view them by searching on the website for statement of claim (click to view results page) This is an example of a Statement of Claim heard before the Common Law Court.

Upload Statement of Claim

The following tips will help you write your Statement of Claim:

  • Your Statement of Claim must be written in clear English, prefarably without spelling or grammatical mistakes to avoid any confusion.
  • It must name those who have harmed you, giving their name, their job and position, and contact information such as address, phone, and work address.
  • It must lay out your grievance stating when the harm happened, in what order, and what the harm done to you was.

If you have lost a home, land, farm, business. If you have lost money due to fines for any reason, then you should prepare a Statement of Claim.

When you have written it, please print it out, sign it, at the bottom in the right hand side of the page. You may add a thumbprint if you wish, and then save it as a PDF. Then return to this page and upload it trough the form below.

Upload Statement of Claim

These are some of the categories of complaint a common law court can hear, but don’t be limited by this list. If you have a legitimate complaint against anyone you can prepare a Statement of Claim for consideration by a Common Law Court:

  1. The Australian government’s degradation of First Nations people living standards
  2. Unlawful bank repossessions of people’s homes, land and other property, as well as other banking crimes
  3. Crimes against parents, government employees stealing children under false pretenses
  4. Unlawful local councils pretending to be a 3rd tier of government in direct contravention of the 1988 and 1999 Referendums of the people that denied them any status as government. These councils are guilty of many crimes against the people, including
    • House/land repossessions for non-payment of Rates Demands
    • Unlawful arrest and incarceration for non-payment of fines
    • Children stolen from parents by government agencies
    • Unlawful fines for parking infringements, non payment of their taxation demands for Property Rates

Who can appear before a Common Law Court?

Anyone who has submitted a Statement of Claim describing the harm done by the corporate political party system and their departments, or banks, or people in other institutions may appear before the Jury.

What if you cannot travel?

  • The Common Law Courts will convene anywhere around the country as required by a community. If you are summoned and you cannot travel, you can apply to the Common Law Court to ask the court to travel to your location
  • You must appear in person before a court to present your evidence to the 12 jurors. They are the ones who will make a judgement.

Who can sign?

Any member of the Commonwealth of Australia can send in a Statement of Claim for a hearing.

What happens to your Statement after you submit it?

All Statements of Claim submitted to the Common Law Court will be held in strict confidence at the Common Law Court national executive until such time as a court is ready to convene in your area.

NOTE: If you don’t upload a Statement of Claim telling us your grievance we can’t consider your submission for the court.

I consent to being called to testify before the Grand Jury

Please write a brief description of your grievance here, and then attach your Statement of Claim below.

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