The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1

Have you read Sections 7 and 24 in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution yet?

These sections specifically state that ONLY we, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, may choose our representatives and Senators….not political parties.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1
Queen Victoria gave her royal assent to the Australian Constitution in 1900

Nor does our Constitution say anywhere that political parties may govern. The ONLY authority granted any power in our Constitution is the Governor General representing the Crown, and he has the final say on all laws passed by Parliament.

But today, we do not have a GG. Nor do we have a lawful government.

Ever since PM Whitlam took the Queen out of our Constitution by amending the Royal Styles and Titles Act, we have not had a lawful government. This means that every government, every politicians, every law passed since then is unlawful and without any authority at all. We are, instead, ruled over by a criminal organisation pretending to be government.

Australia has reverted back to our original status as a Penal Colony…and WE are the prisoners.

HM Queen Elizabeth II has stated that only We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have the power and a duty to resolve our Constitutional Crisis caused by Whitlam, and Bob Hawke who forced the Australia Act on us without a referendum or the Queen’s signature.

ALL the political parties, including PHON, GAP and the rest are complicit in HIGH TREASON if they sit in Parliament.

How do we resolve this Constitutional Crisis?

It is up to We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to resolve our Constitutional crisis…not the politicians and their political parties…but you and me and all other Aussies who can see the TREASON. It’s our duty to do something to right the wrongs. See Section 61 of the Magna Carta that grants us the power within ourselves to Lawfully Rebel. 

Read S.7 and 24 in the Constitution carefully after you download your free copy of the Constitution here:
The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1

Only the People of the Commonwealth of Australia are sovereign. Only We have the authority to select and elect our Representatives. We have failed in our duty to our nation, our children, and our future. It’s time to right this wrong.

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The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1