Sunshine Coast October 18 Assembly Report

The October 18 Assembly was another fine success. During the meeting we achieved the following:

  • Passed a Bylaw banning all covid restrictions on the Sunshine Coast. Download and use the text of the bylaw here: Download
  • Voted in an Assembly Administration team, including a Convener, who shall preside at and chair all sessions of the Assembly, and by an Executive body and Corresponding Secretary. The Executive shall meet every two weeks at first to maintain the daily operations of the Assembly, its courts and its Militia.
  • Swore in 8 more Sheriffs, bringing the total number of sheriffs for the Sunshine Coast to 11. One Sheriff who was voted in previously has left the Sunshine Coast for family reasons.
  • We uninimously agree NOT TO VOTE in the upcoming unlawful Queensland election, and we all agreed that the first person who is summoned to court after refusing to pay a fine will be supported by the entire Assembly where we will tell the magistrate to stand down or be arrested by our Sheriffs.
  • Accepted a Statement of Claim from an Assembly member to be heard before a common law court as soon as possible.

Our next Assembly will convene on November 1, 2020. If you would like to attend, please confirm by filling in the form below.