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Minutes of the first Noosa Common Law Assembly, convened 20 October 2020:

Due to the small number of attendees, the discussion was held informally on a “round table” gathering.

Various topics covered included:

  1. Read through and discussed Covid Bylaw issued by the Common Law Assembly, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  2. Read through and discussed Constitution of the Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly
  3. Read through and discussed The Peoples’ Assemblies – A Vision and A Practical Guide

The length of the meeting was approximately 2 hours and started 20 minutes late due to lack of attendees and late attendees.There were attempts to contact those who registered for the meeting but failed to turn up. Almost all attempts to contact them were unsuccessful with calls being diverted to message banks. The couple that did answer personally mentioned they could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lesson learned: It is better to convene assemblies on a weekend. But a good start to the Noosa Assembly. We will grow our numbers from now on.


  • Are you tired of the way the political party so-called governments are destroying our nation?
  • Do you feel the media are lying to us?
  • Are you disgusted with the banks foreclosing on our homes, businesses and farms?
  • Do you think the courts are denying us justice and remedy?
  • Have you been forced to pay fines and rates by local councils? Did you know that all those fines and rates are unlawful?

We know the pain you are feeling. We feel your frustration as we are forced to maintain “social distancing”, and facing unfair fines if we fail to observe them.

Come along to a meeting to learn what we have found and how you can use this knowledge to make better lives for us and our families, our children, our loved ones and everyone around us to get solutions and justice.

The meeting will start with a presentation about Common Law, the highest law in the land, its origins, how it works, and what you can do to protect your rights and freedoms using Common Law

English Common Law that is the basis for our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. We, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia are the Commonwealth – Common law is our power to Uphold the Right!

Before you attend your Assembly

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Read the Assembly Constitution to learn what the assembly is about and how it is organized:
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