Public Notices

In common law and Admiralty law certain notices must be displayed publicly.

A Public Notice is information alerting citizens about government or government-related activities that may cause a citizen to take action.  Traditionally and effectively newspapers—that are intended for general circulation, published regularly at short intervals, containing intelligence of current news of general interest — have published public notices because newspapers spark the curiosity and are delivered to the interested public.

A public Notice may be posted anywhere the public will be able to see it. Common Law Court of England for Australia provides this page for public notices to be displayed for all to see.

facts, which a judge can be called upon to receive and to act upon, either from his [or her] general knowledge of them, or from inquiries to be made by himself [or herself] for his [or her] own information from sources to which it is proper for him [or her] to refer.

Public Notice of Affidavit by Michael Thomas Holt

Sent by Registered Post 14 December 2020 to 9 Respondents complicit in TREASON. According to law, an affidavit so submitted to the court must be rebutted before the accusations made against me and hand delivered to my door on 30 November 2020 by a process server before the case claimed against me can be heard in a court.

Cover Letter:

Affidavit – with Photos of some of those involved

The Next Step – No Rebuttal by the resondents after the 28 day deadline set in the first affidavit!

After 28 days, not one of the respondents had tried to rebut the affidavit. My next step was to send them a new affidavit of default, as shown below. I have only posted the affidavit of default. However, when I emailed it to the 9 respondents I attached the original affidavit, including all the Annexures, as well, which made the whole file 65 pages long. This is what you must do each time you send another affidavit to the court on the same case. You pile affidavit on top of affidavit on top of affidavit, so that when they read it, they have all the facts in their hand.

The Affidavit of Default points out that none of the respondents have rebutted my original affidavit within the 28 day time limit I set. Fact [8] points out that as they have not rebutted my facts this notice finalizes the matter. From now on, any attempt to take the case against me an further only deepens the number of crimes they are committing, and they can and will be held accountable in a court of competent jurisdiction — that is, a common law court before a jury.

However, for me to stand in honour I must give them another 28 days to rebut, and if they still have not done so I must give them a third and final deadling to respond within 28 days.

Here is the Affidavit of Default sent by email today, 14 January 2021.