News Canadian Common Law Assemblies

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News Canadian Common Law Assemblies

In another news release from Canada, the International Common Law Court of Justice and community assemblies have come under attack by Canadian criminals and TRAITORS!

Breaking News from the Common Law Republic

September 2, 2020   

Based on a Joint Communique with the International Common Law Court of Justice

Attacks on Common Law Assemblies in Canada to be investigated by Human Rights Observers and Peacekeepers – West Coast Common Law Court to issue indictments against members of an ongoing criminal conspiracy

Nanaimo, British Columbia:

A team of international human rights Observers and Peacekeepers will arrive in Nanaimo tomorrow to investigate recent attacks and death threats made against Kevin Annett and others in the Common Law Assemblies that have banned COVID regulations.

The Observers and Peacekeepers will have diplomatically protected status and the power to arrest and lay criminal charges, and to convene a Common Law Court. The Court will issue Summonses and Arrest Warrants against individuals engaged in destroying the Assemblies and in conducting deliberate attacks and “black-ops” methods against Kevin Annett and others.

The team was invited to Vancouver Island yesterday by Kevin Annett in a letter he wrote to the International Common Law Court of Justice. The letter reads in part,

“A classic black operation of misinformation and ‘bad jacketing’ by at least three operatives is being conducted against and is destroying the Parksville and Cowichan Common Law Assemblies. These attacks began immediately after the Parksville Assembly issued its Public Bylaw on August 24 that banned all COVID measures. The same Assembly had also just issued a Public Summons against local participants in a west coast child trafficking operation … Death threats have been issued against me, and our best activists are being forced out of the Assemblies by a clique who are working with the operatives. Without immediate protection and support, we will be unable to prevent these attacks from destroying everything the Assemblies are building.”

News Canadian Common Law Assemblies

The enormous response to the outlawing of COVID restrictions by the west coast Assemblies has caused people in 94 Canadian communities and in six other countries to form Common Law Assemblies and issue similar local bylaws.

A National Council of Common Law Assemblies (NCCLA) is coordinating these efforts and is preparing to convene a national Congress to ratify a Constitution for the new Republic of Kanata.

For more information and to assist the growth of this liberty movement, contact NCCLA at and Kevin Annett at .

Issued jointly on September 2, 2020 by the Republic of Kanata and The International Common Law Court of Justice.

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