Mission Statement, Code of Ethics and Personal Oath

The Mission Statement governing all Common Law Sheriffs of the Republic of Kanata reads as follows:

Pledge my Oath

Our Mission as servants of the People and the Commonwealth of Australia is to defend and act as sworn agents of the Common Law and its Courts, to enforce the law impartially and fairly, to protect the innocent and all victims of crime and oppression, and to partner and work actively with the people to defend their peace and liberties, and uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Personal Code of Ethics and Oath of Office of every Sheriff and Deputy reads as follows:

My duty as a Common Law Peace Officer is to defend and serve the people and their constitutional Commonwealth of Australia by safeguarding the well-being and peace of the community. When I enforce the law, it shall be in order to maintain the Constitutional liberties of every man, woman and child, and their inherent and unalienable right to freedom, life, respect, equality and justice.

I resolve to lead my personal life with the utmost honesty and integrity, so that my words and deeds are in harmony with this Oath. I will practice restraint, understanding and courage in every situation, always mindful of the needs and rights of others, and of my solemn Oath as an Officer of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In my duties, I will strictly adhere to the orders of legitimate authorities when those orders are not in opposition to my conscience, the Common Law and the Constitution of the Commonwealth. I will relentlessly and unconditionally pursue criminals and stop crimes against individuals and our nation and will defend to the death the laws and courts of the Commonwealth. I will act in strict confidence, betray no lawful trust, and will enforce the law without malice, prejudice or special favor, never employing unnecessary force or violence, and never accepting bribes or influences.

I hereby pledge myself to this Personal Code and my Oath, recognizing my office as a sacred public duty and trust, as one accountable to the People and to the laws and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.