Minutes of Brisbane Common Law Assembly held at New Farm Park at 2.30pm on 22/11/2020

Minutes of Brisbane Common Law Assembly held at New Farm Park at 2.30pm on 22/11/2020

Attendees:  Amanda Richards, Barbie Young, Daniel Le Clerc (Sheriff), Dianne Millard, John Rafter, Judith Annabella, Mike Holt, Pam Robinson, Steve Cherrill, Syd Toborek, Tania Brannan, Yivam Norman, Derek Norman, Nadine Watts, Mario Psaila, Shelley Ross, Shaz, Wade Felsch, Greg, Sam Hanrahan.

2.35pm Meeting began with a rendition of our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

Guest Speaker – the esteemed Mike Holt.  Mike spoke about the By-Law regarding the cessation of Covid-19 rules passed at the Sunshine Coast Assembly, a similar copy was passed out to every attendee at this meeting.

2.55pm The Brisbane Assembly unanimously passed the Anti Covid-19 rulings By-law as printed (see attached) with the only amendment being the date – to be amended to 22/11/2020.

This by-law will be uploaded to the Brisbane Assembly section of the CommonLawAus.org website.  Mike urged everyone to download this by-law, print and hand out to local businesses.  Constitutional Law overrides our current Corporate Government and Local Government requests.

Mike went on to explain that he has been in conversations with The Proud Boys, Graeme Jeffs (Aussie Patriots Roll) and Monica Smith from Reignite Democracy.  They are all on board with finding out more about our Common Law Assemblies.

In Australian we have new assemblies forming from Logan (Qld) to Augusta (WA).  Mike is also having a meeting with Kevin Annett next week (Canada / Kanata).  He also mentioned that he will be having another meeting with Kevin this coming week.

3.10pm Mike asked for the informational business cards to be handed out.  Sam handed a few out to all attendees.

Mike then spoke about the Open Letter submitted by the Grafton Police (here’s the letter fyi: https://12224e9c-a5fa-4daf-962b-f9379e0c0efa.filesusr.com/ugd/e12357_2548d50a7bb541acaa2c0705f46f6759.pdf?fbclid=IwAR18Az6c5hnZMfkOseTbooFFRdw5yQ9Le9zfVbFJOjzfgjf_X52ixwrAPvs

There are other police around the country starting to publicly question the enforcing of the Covid-19 rulings.

Mike reminded us that there are Zoom meetings with him every Thursday night on his website http://advance-australia.com.au/ (open mic)  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84960332756

Mike then explained the court process:

  1. Claim to be submitted by the claimant
  2. Mediation between claimant and defendant
  3. Decision then made whether there is merit for a court case
  4. If defendant doesn’t attend, they will be tried in absentia
  5. Potential issuance of a court order

Potential punishment if found guilty – seizure of property

Mike explained the Commonlawaus.org website and its relationship with the .intl site.  They are both being run together, and eventually all of the commonlawaus.org website info will be integrated with the .international website and other Commonwealth countries will be able to join.  ie: for Australia it will be https://www.australia.commonlaw.international/    

The people working on the .international website are Mike, Rick and Glen.

Mike went on to explain that our Common Law Court may issue a warrant or seizure which our Sheriff can uphold.

Police: ENFORCER            Sheriff: PEACEKEEPER

Sheriffs can deputise police enforcers (officers).

Mike referred to a book called The Art Of War written by Sun Tzu https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericjackson/2014/05/23/sun-tzus-33-best-pieces-of-leadership-advice/?sh=77333cfd5e5e  The art of war is a handy strategy to learn and practice as a collective.

Mike also referenced the TV show “Bull” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5827228/

Getting back to our Common Law courts, a jury of approx. 12 people are needed to have a unanimous decision in order to pass a judgment.  There can be more than 12 or less than 12 in a jury, but 12 is the preferred number for a fair trial.

We then continued to nominate positions for appointment, and they were filled as follows:

Convenor – Sam Hanrahan
Secretary – Barbie Young
Registrar – Judith Annabella
Treasurer – Tania Brannan

Sheriffs to be sworn in:  Wade Felsch and Pam Robinson to join our current sheriff, Daniel Le Clerc.

Adjudicator:  Derek Norman
Bailiff:  Yivan Norman
Recorder:  Barbie Young
Registrar:  Judith Annabella

In order to further our intention, prior to our next meeting, all attendees are asked to consider a section of the website for education.  Here’s the first section to consider:  https://commonlawcourtaus.org/the-basis-of-common-law-natural-law/

Our aim is to educate.  Knowledge is power. Let’s become knowledgeable as we claim our power as sovereigns of our country.  There are, perhaps, 1 million people employed by the government.  There are 24 million other people who need to know we have the power to govern ourselves as sovereigns of our country.

And if we have time, we could discuss the next section: https://commonlawcourtaus.org/how-do-common-law-assemblies-work/

Next meeting:  2:30PM at New Farm Park Sunday 13 December 2020

Bring a friend or two!

Minutes taker: Sam