Download the Republic of Kanata Bylaw

Recently, the Republic of Kanata began setting up Common Law Assemblies at public meetings where participants signed a Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign People’s Assembly. Click on this link to download a copy of the Charter.

These assemblies started passing Bylaws to ban Covid restrictions in their communities. As word spread about this more communities formed Common Law Assemblies and they also passed the same Bylaw.

Today, assemblies across Kanata have banned covid restrictions, inspiring countries around the world to do the same.

Here in Australia, we have started setting up assemblies. The next step is to pass Bylaws banning Covid restrictions here too.

To do that, we are asking people around Australia to start inviting their friends, neighbours, and colleagues to meetings where they can also sign a Charter. As your numbers grow, so too will the power of the Bylaws to stop the politicians destroying our nation.

This is a copy of the bylaw the Assemblies have passed in Kanata. Let’s all do the same thing in Australia!

Download the Republic of Kanata Bylaw
Kanata Bylaw banning Codid Restrictions

Download a copy of this Bylaw passed by Republic of Kanata Common Law Assemblies to use as a guide for your own Assembly to draft a bylaw for your community

Size: 123KB