Declaration Common Law Court Australia

This document is to be downloaded, printed out and signed by 100 men and women of a community to establish their place in Common Law with all the rights and freedoms we are born with.

Common Law Court Australia

Book of Deeds
Declaration of the Common Law Court
Recorded this day…….of the month………………..20XX

To all living men and women we hereby stand united and submit this Declaration to the Common Law Court book of deeds for preservation for all time.

We the people have inherent birth rights, established by our creator, which protect us from harm, loss and injury from others. For many years now, men and women have been subjected to criminal and  fraudulent behavior by the state’s actions which had been imposed upon us, against our will, by both criminal coercion and legal deception. Fiction and fear have thus combined to bind us into slavery.

The state has committed attacks, injustices, killings, robberies, theft, unlawful imprisonment and countless other enormous outrages against the people, spearing no one on account of age, sex or position. To this robbery, slaughter and plunder they give the lying name of “Government”, they have stripped us of our ancient freedoms and call it “progress”.

We, the people, can no longer endure such assaults on our loved ones and personal freedoms and hereby confirm our inherent right to stand under the jurisdiction of Common Law. Based, as it is, on the timeless laws which govern the conduct of men and were established by our creator in the days of old and remembered and loved by her father’s as they built our nations. We will hold this without ceasing for any man.

Borrowing from the declaration of our ancestors, made in Arbroath in 1320, we declare that, as long as but a 100 of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be bought under mandatory rule by legal statue. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honor, that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

This declaration is signed below by a sample of the men and women who stand united under the jurisdiction of Common Law Court. This declaration is hereby recorded into the Common Law Court ‘Book of Deeds’ on the day……….of the month………………………..20XX for preservation for all time.

Declaration Common Law Court Australia
Declaration of the Common Law Court Australia

Download the Declaration of the Common Law Court Recorded in the Common Law Court Australia “Book of Deeds”.

Size: 148KB

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Declaration Common Law Court Australia