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The Common Law Australia is here to advise on setting up a court in your community. We welcome questions and volunteers ready to help.

If you have a question about organizing a court in your state or region, or if you want to contact like-minded people in your state, please use the state email address below.

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Contact a Queensland Common Law Sheriff

*** Call 0473 512 466 to call an on-duty Sheriff 24/7 ***

1Benjamin Carter      bmrcarter88@gmail.com4114
2Ryle Sautia                sheriffoftheland@gmail.com4114
3Jonathon O’Driscollsheriffoftheland@gmail.com4114
4Marcell Claassens                     4114?
5Jayden Raye             jay@jaydenraye.com4552
6Tony Lafferty           tonylafferty9@gmail.com4510
7David Baileybulleye245@bigpond.com4510
8Michael Mullen       michaelmullen13@rocketmail.com4556
9Wayne Pevitt
10Shelton Quinlivan   sheltonq31@outlook.com4573
11Daniel             4000
12Chris Malivoire        4510
13Tod HeronCurrently unavailable for duty4552
14Mike  4556

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