Apply to sit on National Team

The Common Law Court Australia (CLCA) is looking for qualified people to sit on a national advisory team. This team will be responsible for managing the administration of the CLCA, as well as providing information and support for State Teams and communities around Australia wishing to convene common law courts.

Applicants are required to furnish details about their qualifications for the position they are applying for. Applications will be considered for the following positions:

  • Administration: Liasing with State teams and supporting community common law court organization
  • Accounting: soliticiting donations, managing funds raised through various sources, banking and disbursment of funds, annual reporting
  • Marketing & Promotion: Graphic art, printing, production of cards, flyers, presentation materials and equipment, providing venues for local courts, arranging events
  • Education: Providing education materials for State and local teams
  • Newsletter production: Writing, printing, and distribution of a newsletter in print and digital format
  • IT Team: Webmasters, programmers, desktop publishing, IT Support, desktop support technicians, sourcing equipment from donors

The National advisory team duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • Administering the national team, including electing a chariman to arrange and chair meetings online and on the ground
  • Maintaining and managing the Common Law Court Australia websites and social media sites, including paying for hosting, domain name registration, and coordinating newsletter production
  • Collecting and reportiing on donations and any other funds raised through various means
  • Maintaining and managing Payment Gateways to collect donations and other funds
  • Managing where funds should be allocated,
  • Selecting an accounting oversight committee
  • Assigning teams to prepare and produce educational materials, court documents, and other admiinistrative tasks required to educate and support the common law court system in Australia
  • Recruiting qualified individuals to the marketing, accounting, education, graphic and IT teams

A team selected from existing members will review your application. Successful applicants will be offered a position on the national team for a one year term.

Application deadline = 15 August 2020. Please fill in the form and upload your resume here:

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