A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly

Positions and Responsibilities in a Common Law Assembly

The local Common Law Assembly is the foundation that is returning us to our supreme law of the land, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and our means of direct democracy. We need a strong and reliable leadership core to keep the Assembly going. Everyone must be trained to take responsibility and hold these positions so that no one person or faction runs the Assembly.

Here are the positions that need to be filled for the Assembly to function. Each one of these people will be on a Steering Committee that coordinates the Assembly’s work, and so they need to be elected for a set period of time that will be decided by the Assembly:

1.   Convener:

a)   Creates an agenda for each Assembly meeting and chairs it.
b)   Arranges a co-Convener to chair meetings in case of illness or absence.

2.    Secretary:

a) Keeps the minutes of Assembly meetings.
b) Maintains a membership and contact list.
c) Corresponds with other Assemblies and with the Common Law Assembly Central Office.

3.    Sheriff:

a) Provides security at all meetings and public events and eventually for our local Common Law Court and Tribunal.
b) Delivers Summonses, Orders, and other Assembly documents.
c) Recruits and trains Deputies.
d) Organizes an Urgent Response Network to protect our members.
e) Recruits and trains a local Citizens’ Defense Militia.

4.    Education Committee Coordinator:

a)   Plans and organizes (with other volunteers) all educational work within the Assembly (like holding classes on Common Law) and outside the Assembly (like preparing leaflets, press releases and public information material).
b)   Organizes the education and training of new members.
c)    Does background research on different topics and prepares material for the Assembly.

5.   Action Committee Coordinator:

a)   Plans and organizes (with other volunteers) all public actions and events, like protests, picnics, and rallies. 
b)   Plans direct actions in conjunction with the Sheriff and Deputies.

6.   Judicial and Legal Coordinator:

a)   Plans and organizes the Common Law Court and Public Tribunals, and their cases and procedures.
b)   Assembles and trains Court personnel, including the Magistrate, Jury members, Prosecution team, Court recorder and Sheriffs.
c)    Works with the Education Coordinator to provide educational material on the Court and the Law to Assembly members.
d)   Establishes liaison with the Supreme Common Law Court of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Note: The Common Law Courts and Tribunals are established by the Assembly as a whole and administered by this Coordinator, who like all Steering Committee officers, are accountable to and recallable by the Assembly.

Read before Signing the Charter

To become a member of an assembly you must sign the Charter to signify you have read and will abide by the assembly constitution

Should you relocate to another assembly area you may change your membership to a different assembly by signing a new Charter.

The Charter and Your Agreement

A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly

Let it be known and acknowledged that under the Natural Law, it is the Inalienable Right of the People as sovereign men and women to covenant into self-governing bodies to enact laws and provide for the safety and liberty of their families and communities;

Therefore, I, the Undersigned, do hereby establish such a freely elected Peoples’ Assembly as a self-regulating and elected legislative and legal body, subject to no other authority except other such free Assemblies whose delegates are gathered in a Common Law Congress;

I, the Undersigned, do solemnly swear to maintain and defend to the death this sovereign Peoples’ Assembly as a just, lawful body that is the voice and the safeguard of the people of our community;

I swear to join other members of the assembly to govern ourselves and this Assembly according to its Constitution and the Common Law, relying on the people and their Militia and on their common law courts for its safety and wellbeing.

I, the Undersigned, do hereby set my Oath and name to this Charter:
[Your signature]

Fill in the form to indicate your desire to join a local assembly. After you send in the form you will receive a copy of your Charter certificate. Take it to the assembly the first time you attend a meeting to show that you have become a member.

If you need a paper version to print out, download a PDF here:

A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly
A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly

Download a PDF version of the document

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A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly

Please Donate to support your Common Law Organization

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If you can spare the price of a cup of coffee, or more, please be generous. All money donated will be used to promote and manage the Common Law initiative for everyone.

A Charter to Establish and Maintain a Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly