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Everyone can be held accountable for their actions and every man or woman that has suffered a wrong has the right to a lawful remedy.

What is Common Law and How can it work for you?Take action!
Put simply, Common Law, or the Law of the Land, has been used ever since mankind started gathering to form communities. It is the body of law decided on by a community to govern themselves and to ensure all people can gain a remedy for any wrong done against them. More Information

Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law.

How do you stand in Common Law?

The first step is to register your Live Birth: Click here to Record your Live Birth
There is no charge for recording any information with the Common Law Court (CLC)

Once you register your birth you have taken the first step to regaining your freedom from the political party corporate government system. For more information on how the political parties have defrauded and betrayed us, click here
conditional release
Get to know the police and politicians, then hand it to them in Private.

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Download a Bylaw banning all Covid restrictions

Common Law Assemblies are passing a Bylaw banning all Covid 19 restrictions. Assembly members are taking the Bylaw Business Pack to companies in their region advising them that they do not have to impose any Covid restrictions, as they are not valid under our Common Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Download the Sunshine Coast Covid Bylaw Business Pack

Download the Brisbane Covid Bylaw Business Pack

Contact a Sunshine Coast/Brisbane Queensland Common Law Sheriff

(More details on the Contact Us page)

*** Call 0473 512 466 to call an on-duty Sheriff 24/7 ***

Are you ready to attend a Common Law Assembly near you?

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If there is no common law assembly near you, why not find out how you can convene an assembly in your community? Click here to ask what you can do for your country, and we will help educate and facilitate to support you.


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